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Master planning outlines a project’s long-term vision, establishing a solid foundation for future developments and ensuring that your project’s goals are feasible and achievable to avoid costly mistakes. This phase is particularly important for large-scale rural developments that might be executed in stages.

Our approach includes site visits, rigorous analysis, concept design, and collaboration with consultants and facilitators. Considerations include the layout and orientation of planned buildings, integration with existing infrastructure, screening or mass plantings, access for vehicles and pedestrians, utility provision (electricity and water), maintenance requirements, and managing elevated bushfire risks.

After the primary residence is sited, we begin by sketching spatial relationships and exploring potential built forms. To aid in quickly visualising the project, we create mood boards that suggest a material palette and architectural style for your home.

During the concept design and development stages, we delve deeper into scale, form, and functionality producing detailed plans, perspectives, and a Virtual Building Tour, for each formal concept. For projects of larger or more complex scope, we work collaboratively with interior and landscape designers, engineers, and private planners.

I found that one of the greatest features Lurie offers is the Virtual Building Tours via the BIMx app. This enabled us to really see what the construction would be like and the scale of the building, without having to wait until the structure is built. An excellent addition to the design process, especially for those that struggle to visualise off a plan.

– Paul Zarha, North Fremantle

Navigating the complexities of building regulations and obtaining approvals can be overwhelming. We work closely with local authorities to ensure your project complies with all necessary regulations. We prepare comprehensive documentation, including detailed plans and reports, and act as your advocate to ensure the best outcomes.

The final phase of the design process involves preparation of a complete set of detailed drawings ready for tendering or quoting, building permit submission, and construction. The comprehensive documentation includes architectural plans, structural details, and compliance documents necessary for obtaining building permits and approvals. We collaborate with consultants, such as engineers and building surveyors, as required. Our commitment is to ensure that your project meets the highest standards and your design intent is translated into the final built form. 

We leverage our experience to identify and recommend skilled local builders aligned with your project’s specific needs. We aim to ensure a smooth transition from design to construction, selecting the right team to bring your vision to life. Trust our expertise to guide you when making a pivotal decision integral to the successful realisation of your home.

Our site inspection and reporting services can provide essential oversight and updates throughout the construction phase, especially if you are not local to the area. These can be scheduled regularly or arranged upon your request. During each visit, we monitor construction progress to ensure it aligns with the design’s intent and your expectations.

We will evaluate workmanship, provide design advice, and address any builder inquiries. All notable observations and defects are carefully recorded, and we maintain proactive communication with the construction team to address and resolve any issues swiftly. Additionally, we can provide formal progress reports to help you stay informed and involved in decision-making, keep your builder accountable, and mitigate against the risk of contractual disputes.

Employing advanced rendering technology, we produce cinematic images and videos of your building design, facilitating quicker and more confident decision-making. Beyond our standard service, which includes Sketch Perspectives and Virtual Building Tours, these high-quality 3D visualisations reveal critical details like finishes, lighting, cabinetry, and furnishings. Photorealistic visualisation of your home ensures that your choices align with your overarching vision and streamlines decision-making, reducing the likelihood of costly on-site changes or delays.

“Without being a trained professional, how do you know what a combination of finishes will look like in your new house? The last thing you want is to take a ‘fingers crossed and hope for the best’ approach, with the costly possibility of ending up with a result that could have been improved with a simple change…

…We could not be more pleased with the outcome and service provided by Lurie Building Design.

– Paul Dwyer

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